Initial setup

Paul Howarth paul at
Tue May 17 17:14:25 UTC 2005

Jason Hoffert wrote:
> I’m fairly new to Linux and I’m learning with FC3. I’ll research as much 
> as possible before asking questions.
> When I first setup FC3, I needed to edit the file to include 
> /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib. I also added an EXPORT command to 
> /etc/profile for PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Is this normal, and if so, is there a 
> reason these aren’t setup during install?

/usr/lib is included by default by ldconfig and does not need to be 
included in (see "man ldconfig"). You do need to add 
/usr/local/lib if you need it though (or add it in a .conf file in 

No PKG_CONFIG_PATH is normally needed because packages that support 
pkgconfig drop a file into /usr/lib/pkgconfig, which pkgconfig picks up 

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