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Peter Koinange pkoinange at
Wed May 18 05:27:18 UTC 2005

edit /etc/ssh/ssh_config


On 5/16/05, Ankush Grover <ankush174 at> wrote:
> Hey friends ,
> I have few questions on ssh
> a) I want to use only SSH version 2 on my servers means any client
> trying to access the servers should use only SSH version 2.
> b) I am using putty on windows for the first time when I connect the
> putty to the Linux Server it asks for acceptance of  the key.I know
> this key is common and dummy as this key is with every fedora core 3
> cd.How can I generate my  own key so that I know that  I am connecting
> to the correct server.\
> c) How to do X11 forwarding in putty( on windows) to my remote Linux servers.
> d) I want to put the public keys of users generated on the Linux
> clients on the servers so that the users don't have to use the
> passwords for authencation with the servers. I want to use only ssh
> version 2 not ssh version 1.
> Please guide me.
> Any reference to tutorials or any step-by-step will be very usefu.
> Thanks & Regards
> Ankush Grover
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