Repository recommendations for FC3 and FC4

Temlakos temlakos at
Sun May 22 18:34:03 UTC 2005

All right, everyone:

What is the best repository mix for FC3 and the upcoming FC4, that will 
best serve the goals of:

1.	Avoiding dependency breaks, package conflicts, and the like, and

2.	Making available the widest variety of applications by a means other 
than going to every one of those programs' home sites, downloading the 
rpm, and running

rpm -Uvh

Instead, I'd like to be able to type

yum -y install


apt-get install

without getting a message of:

libwhatever in package conflicts with 
libwhatever in package


Error: Broken dependency

I've been mixing dag, at-stable, and extras, and I suspect that I'm 
creating more problems than I thought I'd solved. Right now I'm looking 
at a red-dot throbbing screamer because clamav is available for update 
on at-stable but won't install because of a package conflict with an 
earlier package from the fc3 official repo.

And I haven't been able to use synaptic since atrpms published a new 
version of apt.

I realize that I might not be able to get this sorted out until FC4 
comes out and I just do yet another clean install. But this time I don't 
want to create any more dependency or package conflict problems.


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