tweaking tutorial

John Wendel john.wendel at
Thu May 26 21:54:26 UTC 2005

Fred Morcos wrote:
> hey everyone,
> i tried to search for tutorials and online books on how to tweak the 
> linux kernel because i am really disappointed with the performance of 
> FC3, boot time is too long and the system is slow in responding to 
> actions, also it takes up too much memory space (about 110 mbs).. does 
> anyone have a tutorial or books to teach me how to remove unused modules 
> and recompile the kernel, also how to tweak my FC3 system and etc... 
> (please dont ask me to remove services to decrease boot time because i 
> already did and its still to slow)..
> thanks for the help..
> ps: im a beginner and have 0 knowledge about kernel compiling and all 
> that stuff..
> -fred

Before you dive off the deep end, do the following:

[1] boot into run level 3 - no X, login as root and run the following 
commands, "free > f1", "ps -ef > f2", and "lsmod > f3". Post the 
results (f1, f2, f3) here. Maybe we'll have something to discuss.

On my box, free shows that the kernel + all the apps I'm running take 
12MB; a long way from 110MB. Of course after starting X and KDE things 
go downhill rapidly <grin>.



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