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John Summerfied debian at
Fri May 27 00:56:57 UTC 2005

James Kosin wrote:

> Vassilios,
> Unfortuneately, when you post to any list (I do mean any), many other
> independant sites host archives of the list and many many people on

Do a google search for your email. Flame offending webmeisters.

> this list receive email from the list with other peoples email
> addrsses.  That the only secure email address is one that NEVER sends
> an email.
> You could alternately change sendmail (maybe) to only accept mail
> delivery from a known source... but, that may quickly grow into a
> massive project to manage.

I _can_ configure postfix to receive email for this address only from 
Red Hat's servers. That would have the additional benefit of preventing 
off-lit replies:-)

I have also thought of subscribing two addresses to lists, setting one 
to "no mail" and deleting the account at the receiving end.

The "no mail" address would be the one I write from.

Another idea I've had is to run mailman. Subscribe relevant lists to it, 
maybe me and use the mailman's address to write from.

> some low level junk controls to help cut down.  At one point on my
> primary email (not this address), I was getting about 100-200 junk
> email messages a weekend.  With 75-100 a day.
> The junk mail has been minimal now; but, I still get some that come in
> now and then 20-30 a day.

I've never seen anything like those numbers. Maybe my antispam works.

I get some spam, including recently to this address, so clearly every 
spammer on Planet Earth has had the opportunity of getting my email 

> There are also many SPYware applications, ADDware or JUNKware I like
> to call them.  Out there that may also collect this information.

Of course, not so many for Linux.




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