No FC2 updates anymore in all repo's?

Paul Howarth paul at
Fri May 27 13:15:47 UTC 2005

Danny Terweij wrote:
> From: "Truls Gulbrandsen" <trulsg at>
> Subject: Re: No FC2 updates anymore in all repo's?
>>I did this once from FC2 to FC3 and ended up with a lot of double
>>installed packages.  To remove, I found the best way was to use synaptic
>>and deinstall those with the lowest version no.  However, some critical
>>packages had to be removed using yum.
> A lot stories on google. Some people say no problems, some people says minor
> but solving troubles, some people says never again this way.
> I think I just do the job and see where it ends, because a lot people have
> different results.
> I just dont get it why redhat never solved this kind of trouble or develope
> the distro's that it is easy to upgrade to a newer distro. I use redhat from
> version 5.0. Most of the time in the past just to discover linux. But i see
> always the main problem after a new distro release that people have upgrade
> problems.
> Anway thanks for the answers. Let's discover my story on FC2>FC3 :-)

RedHat Linux distributions have always been designed to be upgradeable; 
right from the outset the RPM package manager had as one of its design 
goals the ability to easily upgrade everything. The "official" way of 
upgrading though is to use the anaconda installer on the CDs/DVD to do 
the upgrade. This is the way least likely to result in problems. 
Upgrading via yum/apt may also work, but YMMV; anaconda is coded with 
knowledge of things that need to be done (e.g. on FC4 it will remove the 
i386 version of perl on x86_64 installs), information that isn't 
available to yum or apt.


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