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Richard Crawford rscrawford at
Sun May 29 07:43:52 UTC 2005

After the fiasco with my music server, I've decided I may as well rebuild it.  
The drive is 160 GB, and this is the partitioning scheme that I'm pondering 
for it:

/		20 GB
/home		10 GB
/var		5 GB
/tmp		5 GB
/opt		10 GB
/shared		110 GB

The /shared directory would contain music, pictures, and documents that our 
family creates to share with each other.  I worry that 5 GB may not be enough 
for /var and /tmp, and I wonder if I really need a separate partition 
for /opt.

Any feedback and suggestions -- and I don't mean to start any arguments over 
the best partioning scheme -- would be greatly appreciated.

Richard S. Crawford
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