How To debug why the server freezed

Dario Lesca d.lesca at
Tue May 31 11:27:55 UTC 2005

Hi, there is a method for know why the server during the normal work,
without any register into /var/log/messages, freeze?

I use a standard kernel 2.6.11-1.27_FC3smp on a i686 hp proliant 110 and
I have rebuild and use a conexand driver for a USB ADSL Modem
Also I use the linux-atm package ( linux-atm-2.5.0-0.20050118.2)

The server work great for many hours, then freeze.

Please, suggest me some kind of method for know what is the problem and
what component caused the server freeze.

Many thanks

Dario Lesca <d.lesca at>

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