Problem in booting new installation of Fedora Core 4

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Sun Nov 6 07:14:45 UTC 2005

I did a new installation of Fedora Core 4 on a system with 2 hard drives and
which already had
Windows XP installed. The configuration before installing Fedora Core 4 was
as following:

hda 20 GB has two ntfs partitions with windows xp installed in the first
bootable partition.
hdb 40 GB had only one 20 GB bootable fat32 partition. Rest of space i.e. 20
GB was set aside free for
Fedora Core 4.

I allowed Fedora to do automatic partition in the free space reserved.Also,
I allowed to automatically
select the place to install grub ( I did not opt for advance grub options).

The installation proceeded normal until it congratulated me for completing
the installation and to reboot
the system. When I did a reboot, however, I did not get any grub boot loader
prompt, and instead
booted straight into Windows XP like before.

I figured out that Fedora did not install the boot loader in the MBR of the
first drive and instead installed
in the first sector of /boot in the second drive. Therefore, I made my BIOS
to boot from the second drive
(hdb). However, I get a prompt telling me "Missing operating system".

Please let me know how can I correct this to have a dual boot system with
windows XP and Fedora
Core 4.

Thanks in advance.
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