FC4 Installation hang at start_kernel+0x15c/0x1b0

Want to be a Fedora user! 38iqkbk2bqah3pq at jetable.com
Sun Nov 6 09:59:16 UTC 2005

PC AMD Duron 750, 196MB RAM, IDE 2,5GB HD, Voodoo3 3000 video card.
Fedora Core 4, installation with the 4 CD
No USB periphericals

When I boot from the boot CD, I press enter to install in graphical 
mode (or with "linux text" the problem is the same), then I test the 
CD, all is OK, then the installation begin but it hangs 
systematically after the line :

[<c01010ae>] cpu_idle+0xe/0x50
[<c041677c>] start_kernel+0x15c/0x1b0

What can I do ?

Thank you very much for your help


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