Yum disaster! DELETED mysql!

Nat Gross nat101l at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 19:32:16 UTC 2005

Finally yum worked today. I wish it did not!
It dl'd 36 packages, including mysql 3.x although this server is actively
running mysql 4.1x.
Everything with yum seemed perfect, when I happened to glance at the screen
as yum listed "deleted mysql" on the console. I said to myself, "nah, can't
be". BUT, it did! NO TRACE of mysql is on the system! In the yum cache the
3.x rpm sits, the client programs are there, but NO SERVER. No related files
or service. (#'service mysql start' reports "mysql: unrecognized service".
I do have my data, thank god.
Running FC3 latest kernel (yum updated it today) on a 1.6ghz Dell 4500s with
1 gig ram.

1. WHY did yum do this?! 1B. Especially that mysql service was ACTIVE at the
time! What about my users!???

2. HOW do I prevent this from happening again?

3. Should I DUMP yum?

Your input is appreciated.
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