Executables of two versions in one package

Vijay Gill vijay.s.gill at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 12:32:19 UTC 2005

> I had seen that but I think that in the final binary there might be a
> diff set of instructions for diff ver. As 1.9 gets executed from the
> applications menu by default, I was wondering if its just a simple
> wrapper for old menu scripts compatibility or some diff set of
> instructions in the binary itself.

What do you mean by different set of instructions? Of course the final
binary would be different from the beta copies (because of all the
bug-fixes gone into it), but that has nothing to do with your problem.
As you have seen it yourself, the 1.9 version (and 2.0 version also)
is nothing but a wrapper to call the same binary, and is there for
compatibility's sake. Stop worrying about this matter.

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