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Tue Nov 8 23:05:16 UTC 2005

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 08:18:12AM -0800, Brian D. McGrew wrote:
> I've seen this exact same problem before and I see it frequently on Dell
> Dimension 4700's.  It's the CD-ROM drive.  Either swap out the drive or
> try a network install.  For some reason, whatever brand of CD-ROM drives
> (Dell) are being used, they don't seem to care much for home brew discs.
> -brian
We only buy Dell machines and I have never had a problem with disks I
made. The problem stated below leads me to believe that the wrong boot
method was used on CD #1. If you just hit return or type: linux test
at boot the question below should not appear.
> Everyone,
> I am trying to create a fresh install FC4 system on an E-Machine 500
> with a 40gig hard drive and 256M of memory.  I just finished an
> installation on a different E-machine with the same set up and the
> installation was without incident.
> On the affected machine I can put in the FC4 Disc #1 and boot to it
> without difficulty, but the process fails on the 3rd question pertaining
> to installation method.  When I pick CDROM as the method there is a
> pause and then an error message telling me that "The Fedora Core CD was
> not found in any CDROM drives".  
> I had previously performed media checks on the FC4 discs and all passed.
> I have done a memtest86 on the memory and it passed as well.
> If any of you can give me a suggestion as to what to do next I would
> appreciate your help.  I have not tried to install an FC over the
> network, but that may be the next best thing to do.  I'll wait a little
> to see what suggestions you all might have.
> Thanks,
> Greg


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