Setup Internal caching DNS Server

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Wed Nov 9 12:35:22 UTC 2005

Fernando Gozalo:

>> With this you have a working cahe nameserver. No need more config.
>> But I think I improve the caching-nameserver when I edit
>> /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf and add in 

[options to forward other queries to the ISP's name servers]

Paul Howarth:

> It depends on how good/reliable these nameservers are. Many ISP DNS 
> servers have problems from time to time, and by forwarding all
> requests to them, you'd inherit those problems yourself. My preference
> would normally be to let the caching nameserver handle everything
> itself,

I concur.  My ISP's name servers are rather crap, and one reason I set
my own up was to avoid them.  You can also avoid some censorship, that
way.  However, there are some ISPs which set up filtering that will
prevent you from resolving names yourselves (perhaps they want to
enforce their censoring?).

I'd say you'd want to try things both ways, to see if one way or another
is an improvement for yourself.

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