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tlc wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 23:27 +0100, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>>Am Mi, den 09.11.2005 schrieb Nelson Tactuk um 23:22:
>>>I am trying to install Fedora Core 4 in a box Intel with a motherboad 
>>>AUS A7V333 ACPI BIOS REV. 1005. I have two drives in RAID. When I 
>>If you speak about a "RAID controller" on the motherboard itself, then
>>it is "fake RAID / win-raid". 
> not all onboard RAID controllers are fake RAID. But in this instance the
> Promise 20276 is in deed a "fake" RAID controller.
>>You should get to use that with dmraid,
>>but up to now (with FC4) it is not supported by the anaconda installer.
>>You should see 2 drives instead of a single one.
>>Or did you setup Linux software RAID with DiskDruid?
>>>finish the installation and reboot the machine, I have this error:
>>>Missing operating system
> When you use Disk Druid what partitions are created? Even if the drives
> are set as a RAID you should see both drives in Disk Druid. If you want
> to RAID them you can do it there.
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You can try putting /boot on a non-raided partition.

Now that I think about, lvm2 may not even support booting from a raided

In the event that you have concerns, remember that it's only accessed
while the machine is booting (and during kernel updates/updates) and you
can always create a backup of it on a raided partition if you'd like.

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