[Off topic] Does anyone uses netenv?

Marcelo M. Garcia mmgarcia at macbeth.if.usp.br
Thu Nov 10 16:23:14 UTC 2005

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

> On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, Derek Martin wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 07:02:51PM -0500, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
>>> NetworkManager is a real whiz-bang app that detects network connections
>>> dynamically.  Plug in a cable and it switches to cable, unplug it 
>>> and it
>>> looks for wireless connections.  It manages keys, allows you to select
>>> among in-range WAPs or create an ad-hoc net, controls VPN access (using
>>> vpnc only at the moment), controls modems (untested by me ATM) and 
>>> rescans
>>> on suspend/resume to find the new connections.
>> Is it smart enough to deal with cases where you are connected via
>> wireless, then connect via cable ALSO?  (One would need a way to
>> select which connection should be used as the default route.)
> Currently, NM doesn't handle simultaneous connections through two 
> interfaces.  If you want to discuss NM features, the place is 
> networkmanager-list at gnome.org.

  I posted this question looking from advice of people who uses a laptop 
at work or university and at home, using the same ethernet interface. NM 
does not seens to handle this kind of connection, say two IP addresses 
with the same network card, so I remebered this utility called "netenv".


Marcelo M. Garcia

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