xorg.conf gets reset on 2nd boot after a kernel update

Dan Hensley dan at dshensley.com
Fri Nov 11 14:31:32 UTC 2005

Why is it that FC4 overwrites my xorg.conf on a kernel update?

The process for me is that I do a yum update, and install the new
kernel.  I then reboot into initlevel 3, update my nVidia driver, and
then telinit 5 for a normal login.  After I shut down and restart the
machine, my xorg.conf gets overwritten by a default file.  At this point
my keyboard and mouse do not work correctly for the graphical login, and
I have to hit the reset button on my computer and repeat the initlevel 3
and fix the xorg.conf file.

How do I keep FC4 from doing this incredibly annoying thing?


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