sms gateway

Caglar Ulkuderner caglar at
Mon Nov 14 12:36:20 UTC 2005

Sorry All,

That was wrong package. Here is the correct package:

Here are the md5 sums:
8230bed27b6038482a2d5ebb17894b32  corePortAccess.c
3f04b5f8bec1d06a7fc507d548957c47  Makefile
fad6662d186a59345d15e0405d6ec3b5  messageSendingCore.c
26c8c14632d10f127de395d3fa3ad819  quick_install
2f697ad0456bb19a0bcc0f4f67d49e03  README.TXT
9a441a2d3622884f369d0e9dfb1eb5e4  sms_client.c
b91be51de1ef1f7127f3981477f35f92  smsd
7d76d8a9dc2379471f18d3804d8d3ff1  sms_server.c
0970c7e3607acc32385287939405c77e  zaman.c

Caglar Ulkuderner

PS: You can run ./quick_install for installation. Also there is a 
README.TXT file for help.

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