help system failure in eclipse

Kurt Hansen khansen at
Tue Nov 15 18:20:17 UTC 2005

Andrew Overholt wrote:
> * Kurt Hansen <khansen at> [2005-11-14 15:11]:
>>>* Herbert Carl Meyer <hcmeyer at> [2005-11-08 16:55]:
>>>>I installed the new eclipse rpm over the weekend, and I can no longer
>>>>use the eclipse help system. Tables of contents will display on an
>>>>internal help window, but attempting to display any help item produces:
>>>>Unhandled event loop exception
>>I did a yum update over the weekend as well. My eclipse setup is screwed 
>>up, tool. I had a perl editor installed, but it is now gone and other 
>>screens don't function.
> Did you file any bugs?  I don't understand how your perl editor could be
> gone - did you install it in ~/.eclipse or some other way?  What are "other
> screens" and how don't they function?  Try removing ~/.eclipse or moving it
> out of the way.  Also try a new workspace.

Thanks for your response.

I didn't file any bugs. It turned out to be quicker simply to download 
the eclipse SDK tarball from and install it. I had to 
re-install the perl editor using the Update URL 
( after the install, but that was pretty 
quick, too. That's how I did the original install as well.

All is working fine now.

I'm not sure why the perl editor got wiped out after the yum update. The 
other screens that were not working include the software update screen 
which gave me an error. At that point, I figured to go back to the 
source anyway; I thought it would be quicker since that is how I had 
installed eclipse before FC4.

Part of the issue may be that the workspace I use is on a shared NFS 
directory. I do this to use the same workspace when working at my 
workstation (FC2) or roaming about the house on my laptop (FC4). Of 
course, I'd have to close out of eclipse when switching machines.

Eclipse didn't like this switching though. I don't think it would close 
down cleanly. Ever since switching to FC4 on my laptop, I'd often have 
to clean out some of the workspace before eclipse would open it:


This only started after upgrading to FC4 and its accompanying version of 

Take care,


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