Clock gaining months per day

Edward Dekkers edward at
Wed Nov 16 08:36:53 UTC 2005

tsimi at wrote:
> Hi,
> My clock is running so fast, if I let go of the mouse the screen saver kicks in.  You can watch the minutes click by 2 or three at a time.  I've already set  no_timer_check  without success.  It seems the heavier the CPU load the faster the clock runs.  I will gain a month in a day or two.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated
> Thanks
> Todd
> My System
> Asus P5WD2-Premium
> 1GB Corsair DDR2 Ram
> Intel Pentium 4 D 3.0Ghz overclocked to 3.98Ghz
> Fedora Core 4
> Kernel 2.6.14-FCxxxx
>    SMP enabled
>    x86_64
>    PM Timer enabled
>    rtc enabled

What if you run the CPU at it's rated speed?

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