Unofficial FC4.2 released

Paul Howarth paul at
Wed Nov 16 13:19:07 UTC 2005

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 14 November 2005 12:06, Kam Leo wrote:
> [...]
>>I just noticed the announcement on the list. I tried to download the
>>files but it looks like the torrent is dead. There are 8 seeds and 1
>>peer, none of which to connect.
> I should be there, running the trackerless version though, with this
> script:
> ----------
> #!/bin/bash
> /usr/bin/bittorrent-console FC4.2-Unofficial-i386.torrent &
> ----------

Just as a FYI, the bittorrent packages in Fedora Extras include 
initscripts for running trackers and seeders as services running in the 

For example, to run a seeder for FC4.2-Unofficial-i386.torrent, you 
would just dump the FC4.2-Unofficial-i386.torrent file (and, if you've 
already downloaded the data, the FC4.2-Unofficial-i386 directory and its 
contents) into the bittorrent data area (/var/spool/bittorrent for FC3, 
/srv/bittorrent/data for FC4 and later) and run (as root):

# service btseed start


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