question on using random in C on FC4 (perhaps slightly OT)

Andy Green andy at
Wed Nov 16 14:56:51 UTC 2005

Globe Trotter wrote:

> gcc -c -O3 -std=c99 -Wall -pedantic random.c
> random.c: In function 'setseed':
> random.c:35: warning: implicit declaration of function 'srandom'
> random.c: In function 'runi':
> random.c:48: warning: implicit declaration of function 'random'
> But I have included stdlib.h so what is the problem?

Can we see the first 50 lines of your code?

      1 #include <stdlib.h>
      2 #include <stdio.h>
      4 int main() {
      5         printf("%ld\n", random());
      6         return 0;
      7 }

gcc -c -O3 -Wall -pedantic test.c

works fine here with no errors or warnings.

$ gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 4.0.1 20050727 (Red Hat 4.0.1-5)

Is your $INCLUDE set in your shell and you pick up a different stdlib.h?


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