POSIX Message Queues

Shay, Daniel dshay at ball.com
Thu Nov 17 23:40:19 UTC 2005

We have been running a FC4/PPC64 machine where we have run into the
following issues with POSIX message queues.

 -An application fails to close/unlink queues, allowing the machine the
reach the /proc/sys/fs/mqueue/queues_max limit. I don't know how to
cleanup message queues let open after process dies.  Note: ipcs doesn't
seem to work with POSIX message queues.

 -The default /proc/sys/fs/mqueue/msg_max is set to 10, we would like to
have this set to 100 when the machine is rebooted

I've noticed POSIX message queues are relatively new to the Linux 2.6
kernel, is the support just not finished?


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