Anyone else getting SPAM from ""?

ptfedora3 at ptfedora3 at
Fri Nov 18 00:38:43 UTC 2005

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Steven P. Ulrick wrote:

> Hello, Everyone
> I've been getting spam from what APPEARS to be an Oriental dating
> service of some kind.  I am running sylpheed-claws, and by using it's
> "Harvest addressses" tool, I came up with the following list of
> addresses:
> Because of the recent issues with, I thought that I'd see if
> perhaps I started getting this spam because of some nefarious
> person/people that got my address from this list.

I am up to throwaway email address number three for this very reason. Soon
after posting I start receiving these emails on the throwaway address.

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