add another hard disk on Fedora Linux

James Wilkinson fedora at
Fri Nov 18 08:32:35 UTC 2005

Tim wrote:
> Does anything use hard links?  I've cloned a drive using the cp command
> (with appropriate parameter), and not noticed any problems.

Something like 
find / -noleaf -type f -links +2 -ls 2>/dev/null
will give you an answer for you system, but in general:

Stuff like zcat, gunzip, and gzip are the same binary hardlinked under
the same name. It uses (either switches or) the command name to work out
what it's supposed to do.

If you've installed kernel-devel, you'll find you have a number of
directories under /usr/src/kernel. The RPM install symlinks together the
files that *haven't* changed between kernel releases, which can save a
*lot* of space on disk.

There are probably other examples...


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