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THUFIR HAWAT hawat.thufir at
Mon Nov 21 06:54:23 UTC 2005

I'm running FC4 and am trying to read and write to a flash based USB
mp3 player, an RCA Lyra.

It mounts as:
Thomson Lyra_MPCF2261_US:RCA_LYRA

in gnome nautilus when I plug the USB cable into the player.  I then
right-click on the folder, mount and open.  There are many songs
loaded onto it, but I'm not seeing them.  I'm able to copy/paste/move
files onto the mp3 player but am only seeing those files written under
linux.  Existing mp3 files, put there by windows, are invisible.

The model:  RD1028A (RCA Lyra)

I found, on google:

"X-Message-Number-for-archive: 201430
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 16:52:57 -0400
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Subject: [SLE] Re: [suse-multimedia-e] Mount RCA Lyra MP3 Player - Linux Newbie

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 15:46:38 -0700, you wrote:

>Has anyone found a way to mount a "RCA Lyra 128M" MP3 player?
>I have searched Google many times and nothing listed seems to work
for me. And I'm not quite sure what format it may be in.
>FYI: SUSE 8.2
>Thanks in advance,

Sorry, but the Lyra series is braindamaged. I own the older version,
which could be mounted but the mp3 files had to be preprocessed by a
licensed version of some windows program or other - can't think of it
right now. The newer version, AFAIK, took it an additional step - it
won't even mount as a normal USB device - you're stuck running the
software it came with.

Mike- "

which is from the suse mailing list.  At one point I *was* able to
view the contents of the player but haven't been able to recreate
that.  So long as the player has free space I'm able to write to it,
and see those files, but don't see the pre-existing mp3 files.  I'm
using USB 1.1, not 2.0, if that matters.


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