Wine performance bad on FC4.

Philippe Anctil z77y16 at
Mon Nov 21 18:18:24 UTC 2005


Back with Wine 20031212, I installed and played Warcraft 3 on RedHat9. It 
ran very nicely.

I came back to Wine recently and thought it be fun to try Warcraft 3 again. 
I installed Wine 0.9.1 on my Fedora Core 4 system and reinstalled Warcraft 
3. Problems started I began playing. To my surprise, many actions cause a 
very perceptible pauses (ex 1/2 to 1 sec). For example:
- Selecting workers at beginning of game -> half a second pause.
- After a worker is selected, pressing keyboard shortcuts to build a 
structure -> half a second pause before the building appears under my 
- Things do get better afterwards, but the game does not feel so fast.

I reinstalled RH9 on a free partition and confirmed Warcraft 3 plays much 
smoother on that version. I can feel some very short pauses, but they're 
negligible compared to those experienced on FC4. I tested the following 
variables with this test:
- Used wine 0.9.1 on both installs.
- Used nvidia 1.0-7676 on both installs.
- Ran the game from the same fake drive.
- Disabling sound does not help FC4.
- Tried various wine os modes on FC4. They all behave the same : win2k, 
nt40, winme, win98.
- Recompiled the kernel on my FC4 system, using FC4's own config as 
a base. I made the kernel preemptible, selected 1000Hz timers, selected 
appropriate processor... I thought it'd help but it didn't.

The next things I'm going to try:
- Install a fresh FC4 and see what the result is.
- Try a 2.4 kernel on FC4.

In the meantime, does anyone have better suggestions? Has anyone experienced 
the same kind of trouble? I have reported this problem at WineHQ already but 
I think the problem lies with FC4.

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