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Joao Paulo Pires 198mdk at
Wed Nov 23 16:36:13 UTC 2005

I just use the official Fedora kernel.
Is there any advantage about building my own kernel? I have Toshiba laptop, FC4 and Gnome.
best regards, Joao

Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 11:38:12 +0000 


From: Paul Howarth <paul at> 

 Subject: Re: delete old kernel 



TurC3czy Attila wrote: 


> /boot/grub/menu.lst 


> in this file delete the old kernel's text. 




> If you wanted delete the old kernel u delete this dir. 


> /usr/src/kernels/kernel_old_version 


> /lib/modules/kernel_old_version 




This might apply if you're building your own kernels but I suspect the OP is just using the official Fedora kernel update packages, in which case they should be removed using rpm, or a front-end such as yum or package-cleanup. 

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