Yumex error

david walcroft david_walcroft at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 24 03:06:24 UTC 2005

Tim Lauridsen wrote:
> david walcroft wrote:
>> Would anybody know what this error means "error in transaction"
>> its happening every time I try downloading a file and the 'output'
>> screen says nothing,so I get no downloads.
>>  Thanks david
> Error in transaction means that an error happens in the following
> 1.  Downloading packages. (gpg check)
> 2. Transaction Test
> 3. The real transaction (Install, remove, update)
> I look like yumex don't writes the error message when this error occaurs.
> i have fixed it in CVS, so it will do so in the next release.
> Try run 'yumex -d' as root from a console to start yumex in debug mode, 
> it make it easier to find out where in the process
> the error occours.
> I need to know what repos you have enabled and what packages you have 
> selected.
> Tim

I can not replicate the problem at this time but will pursue it as needed.


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