ID Numbering in Group and Passwd

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Thu Nov 24 07:36:43 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 23:10 -0800, Justin Zygmont wrote:
> sounds like the GUI tools arent using the UPG scheme where each user
> is in their own group, not sure if it is a bug, but it seems like it
> probably is.  It just goes to show the command line is the best way to
> use an OS.

I really hate reading that.  There are crap CLI tools as well as GUI
tools.  It's not a case that GUI or CLI is better or worse than each
other, but that some programmers are.

CLI tools are heavily dependent on good documentation.  Some
documentation is absolutely crap, if there even is any.

GUI tools can be intuitively designed, if the designer has any idea
about creating good GUIs.

Both problems rest squarely on the shoulders of who programmed them, not
the GUI or CLI.

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