Manage software with yum

Paul Howarth paul at
Thu Nov 24 14:16:53 UTC 2005

Tim wrote:
> James Wilkinson wrote:
>>One of the big users of disk space is yum's cache. The command
>>yum clean packages will delete the cache of packages that yum has
>>downloaded (normally it stores a copy of everything it downloads). The
>>command yum clean all deletes everything yum has deleted, which means
>>it will have to re-download headers next time you do a yum update.
> Which may take a very long time, and the obvious remedy is to not do
> that, but manually delete the RPMs, leaving the headers alone, in
> the /var/cache/yum/name-of-repo/packages/ directories.

Or simply do "yum clean packages", which deletes the rpms but not the 
metadata (headers).


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