some trouble with installation

Sudhir Anand anand_sudhir at
Thu Nov 24 19:18:41 UTC 2005

Mattia Forza wrote:

> i have some trouble with the installation of FC4 on my iBook...i have  
> downloaded the DVD-iso image from the fedore web site...i've burned  
> it...made the partition to install FC4 doesn't boot from  
> the dvd...i don't know i've had some problem during the download or  
> during the burn...i only know that it doesn't work...and i need it to  
> work ASAP...
> please tell me what to do (working on a macintosh ppc with MacOSX  
> 10.4.3 installed...i need to use my iBook in dual-boot)
> bye
Did you download the PPC version?


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