SSh, Apache implementation

Wed Nov 30 14:26:07 UTC 2005

> Fellows members,
> I 'll try to explain my problem clearly.
> I have two computer.
> The first one is called :  titanic
> The second one: databse
> Database has some files/folders who are located in /home/documents.
> Apache is not installed one this one but Samba is and it's 
> working properly.
> Titanic as apache installed and running.
> What i want is when one one my client will connect to titanic it's
> show the folder /home/documents in databse . And the client will be
> able to browse the folder and dowload the file if he want to. But i
> don't want apache runnig on atabse due to security reason...
> Do you have any idea how i can implement this thing ?
Assuming both machine are running Linux, using NFS instead of Samba
would be an advantage.  You would mount /home/documents on the titanic
machine and to apache, they would appear as local files available for
serving.  It would further simplify things if you did the mount in in
directory structure from which your apache server serves.

The exportfs command can be used on databse to export the files.  You will
also want to update /etc/exports.  There are man pages for exportfs and exports
which have the details.

cat /etc/exports
/herc                    *,sync,insecure)
/home/documents          *,sync,insecure)
#  (your options may vary)

On the apache server, you can use the mount command to do the mount.

mount -t nfs titanic:/home/documents /var/www/html/databse

(/var/www/html/databse must exist and be a directory)

Samba is used for sharing files between Windows machines and Unix
machines.  If titanic was a Windows machine and databse was a Linux
box, you would use samba to map /home/documents on databse to a
drive letter on titanic.  

If the reverse was true, you would use samba to mount the share on
databse with a command like:

mount -t smbfs -o username=yourid,password=yourpass,workgroup=yourworkgroup //databse/C  /var/www/html/databse

Bob Styma  

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