Anyone know how to write one of these?

Ian MacGregor fedora at
Tue Oct 18 03:28:18 UTC 2005

oleksandr korneta wrote:
> on 10/17/2005 12:44 PM Ian MacGregor wrote:
>>I use gnome 2.10 on FC4 and would like to be able to do the following:
>>open nautilus, right-click on a file and choose the "Send To" menu item 
>>- this menu item is what I want to create or install. After choosing 
>>this menu item, nautilus gives me a small dialog that allows me to 
>>choose a directory to send that file to. I choose the directory, click 
>>"OK" and nautilus sends the file to the chosen directory for me.
>>If I could learn how to do this, I'd be willing to write lots of 
>>plugins/scripts/extensions and host them on my website so others can 
>>Now, my question is, how do I do all of that in gnome 2.10? Is it 
>>possible to write a script or nautilus extension to get all of that 
>>done? If so, how would a non-programmer, like myself, write such a 
>>script or extension and where would I put it when done? Is there an app 
>>that does all of this?
>>I have installed nautilus-sendto from Extras but there is no 
>>documentation for it at all - either in the rpm nor anywhere on the web 
>>- which makes this nautilus-sendto app totally useless, since there is 
>>no way to learn how to write new plugins for it. Nautilus-sendto comes 
>>with one plugin, but it is in C or C++ I think - may as well have been 
>>in greek since I know nothing about source code. It really makes me 
>>angry when people package an app that has absolutely no documentation 
>>for it and nothing available on the internet.
>>Anyway, anyone have any idea about how to write such a plugin or 
>>extension for nautilus?
> why you just don't contact the author of nautilus-sendto, (
> ( If he wrote one plugin he must
> know how to do that.
Already did that, no help there.

> you probably may also ask nautilus guys
> this page also might be useful...
This is very useful, thank you :)

Ian M.


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