FC5 install freezes on IBM T23 laptop

Tod Merley todbot88 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 05:24:06 UTC 2006

On 3/31/06, Nick Miller <nick at pressenter.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to perform a clean install of FC5 from the DVD ISO but I
> seem to be having some weird issues. Every time I try to run the
> installer (both in text and graphical mode) my system locks up
> completely. It always happens when the installer is actually installing
> the RPMs and it is always on different packages. Just wondering if
> anyone else has experienced this problem. Also tried doing a network
> install but the same issue occurs.
> Regards,
> Nick
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Hi Nick!

Ok, I do not have a Thinkpad but I did find this on the web:


His notes on media check and suspend might bear a clue. His notes on earlier
versions may hold a clue.

After that, if I were you I would probably be doing the following:

1. Try a Ctrl-c during the boot hang to see if you can pop it through.

2. If the Thinkpad has at least 256M of memory I would boot Knoppix live or
Ubuntu live - mount and test the hard drive for space enough and integrity -
do an extended mem-test.  Take a look at /var/log/dmesg /var/log/messages
and other files in /var/log for clues. If less memory try a rescue CD,
rescue mode, or maybe Puppy Linux.

3. Take a good look at the Laptop's cooling (fans coming on - can it breath
- is it clean - if you have a utility measure it do - use CMOS to lock in a
slower cpu speed).

Just some thoughts,

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