FC5 with Nova-t DVB card ?

John Pullan john.pullan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 13:24:05 UTC 2006

I've just upgraded my dev box to FC5 but I'm now in the unenviable position
of not having a working Nova-T card. I think I've got the firmware in the
correct place (/lib/firmware) but I'm struggling here

an lsmod gives me  (truncated) :
budget_ci              17473  0
tda1004x               17605  1 budget_ci
budget_core            14025  1 budget_ci
saa7146                21705  2 budget_ci,budget_core
ttpci_eeprom            6593  1 budget_core
stv0299                13769  1 budget_ci
dvb_core               78825  3 budget_ci,budget_core,stv0299
stv0297                11465  1 budget_ci

but I don't see anything from tda1004x in messages relating to anything and
I don't get any devices created either. So my question is, has anyone got
this combination working ?


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