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carriage return ebwximaurm at
Mon Apr 3 21:34:14 UTC 2006

Ryne Sechrist wrote:
> ok well i installed fedora 5 on my compaq computer i used the text 
> version...well i thought something was weird when it said installation 
> was complete and i only used 2 cds (and i had to have five?) well it 
> said to reboot, which i did...and when it reebooted it runs a bunch of 
> tests and never loads the GUI instead it gets to ..... Localhost Login 
> screen and i have no idea what to type....did i miss something? i put in 
> a root password at installation but never a login or anything? what do i 
> do? i just want to get to the desktop....i looked in the installation 
> guide and it shows an example through the graphical interface so i shut 
> down the computer and put the first disk in and did the upgrade with the 
> graphical installation....well it loaded something and then said 
> installation complete (only used disk one) and it said to reboot, which 
> i did. and when i rebooted, it asks for my login again....what do i do?? 
> any help please? i just want to have fedora on this computer...thanks


perhaps you should switch back to Microsoft or maybe we will all chip in
and send you some carriage returns for your third birthday.

I hope you find that response useful.

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