Wrong page orientation when printing in firefox.

Erik P. Olsen erik at epo.dk
Tue Apr 4 11:49:56 UTC 2006

Recently (yesterday) firefox has started printing landscape when portrait was 
selected. That is the orientation of the sheet whereas the page is formated 
portrait as normal. In this way the print comes out in landscape format but the 
top of the page is not printed. It is the other way around if I choose landscape 
as page orientation.

This is with print on my HP LaserJet 2200 printer and firefox only! All other 
print comes out normally. But when I print firefox pages on my other printer HP 
Photosmart 8450 the output is normal, no wrong page orientation.

What can be wrong? I am running FC 5, i386, with the latest updates (as of 
today) and still incorrect output from firefox.

Erik P. Olsen

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