Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Tue Apr 4 12:26:34 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 04 April 2006 13:17, Roger Grosswiler wrote:
> try adding this in the [homes] section:
> browseable=yes
> writable=yes
If security = user he shouldn't need the browseable line - he should see his 
own home - but what that line will do is make all homes visible to all users 
(thought not enter-able).

> ...and don't forget to service samba restart
> btw. easiest way to configure samba: system-config-samba
In truth, I think the easiest way is to edit smb.conf by hand with a good 
guide beside you ;-)

I have to go out for a couple of hours now, but if this is still not sorted 
when I get back I'll join in again.

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