Wiring help?

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at infinity-ltd.com
Tue Apr 4 16:03:33 UTC 2006

Tim wrote:
> I wonder if the way some cables are formed makes it easier to wire it
> one way or another?  Hand wrangling the wires into the right place to
> crimp on a plug can be a right pain.  You've got untangle wires, cross
> some over others, and get them all to go into the plug the same
> distance.  It would have been a lot easier to do that if they'd come up
> with a wiring arrangement different from the current specs.  i.e. A pair
> on 1 & 2, the next on 3 & 4, the next on 5 & 6, the last on 7 & 8,
> instead of having the break apart pairs and straddle others.  I
> seriously doubt that would have degraded noise rejection.
It has to do with backward compatibility. Remember, the same jacks
are used for more then Ethernet. One consideration is being able to
plug an RJ-11 plug into an RJ-45 jack. (Not really a good idea, as
it can bend the outside pins of the jack...) The center 4 pins on a
RJ-45 jack are the same as a RJ-11 jack.


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