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On 04Apr2006 13:36, Joao Paulo Pires <198mdk at oninet.pt> wrote:
| Thanks for your answer.
| I'm a end user for FC4. The real problem I have is each time I want try some
| program from CDs ou DVDs from magazines, they advise to install with './
| configure' and 'make install'. Is there any other possibility?

Sure. For many packages prebuilt binaries exist in yum repositories.
Try "yum install the-package-name" first.

It may be that you need to activate extra yum repositories beyond those
shipped in FC5. For example the "extras" repository which is probably
shipped but not activated; look at the .repo files in /etc/yum.repo.d
and examine the "enabled" line.

There are also third party repositories; I am using the rpmforge. Start


However, still not all packages are present. Some can only be installed
from source, which is the ./configure and make path you have been using.
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