ARP requests on my net?

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Apr 5 02:02:28 UTC 2006

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Edward Krack wrote:
>> Edward Krack: 
>>>It has to know where to go. Can you drive cross country
>>>without a road map?
>>Users computer types in a URL to browse the net.
>>Users computer is config to use DNS server to resolve the
>>the name in the URL to an IP address.
>>TCP/IP uses ARP.
>>Host found. Session established.
> You are confusing ARP and DNS.
> ARP is *only* used to determine MAC addresses.  MAC addresses are *only*
> used within a subnet.

Thank you. I thought I was beginning to lose my mind,
or had completely missed the boat on TCP/IP.


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