gam_server : 100% CPU again

Rickey Moore wayward4now at
Wed Apr 5 01:14:08 UTC 2006

Rex Dieter <rdieter at> wrote: Marcel Janssen wrote:

> How can I remove gam_server permanently from my system (seems to have lots of 
> dependencies so just uninstalling isn't an option) ?

1.  Confirm you're using the latest versions of gamin and kernel 
available: gamin-0.1.1-3.FC4, kernel-2.6.16-1.2069_FC4

2.  If already up-to-date report the problem and fix the cause:
I'm trying to trim my system of all processes that aren't strictly needed... this is just a client machine, no server-side processes. If all gam_server does is record file changes, it's just another layer of cpu using processes I can live without. (?)
So, can you and how do you get rid of it? I'd like to rid my machine of every  server -side  process possible.  Ric

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