residual Promise tattooing confuses FC5

Serge at
Thu Apr 6 06:00:25 UTC 2006

Simon Andrews wrote:
> Jack Howarth wrote:
>>     Has anyone else run into this problem. We have a machine which
>> had hardware Promise RAID in use with RedHat 9. When we installed
>> Fedora Core 4 on the machine, since dmraid didn't recognize the
>> Promise hardware RAID partitions, we disabled the Promise hardware
>> RAID in the BIOS and installed FC4 with software RAID-1 partitions.
>> The FC4 install CD recognizes these partitions without complaint.
>> However the FC5 install CD complains that the partition map on the
>> drives are corrupted. My guess is that dmraid is seeing some residual
>> tattooing on the drives and not using the software RAID. Is there some
>> way to disable dmraid on this system during the installation? I would
>> rather not have to do a low level format just to eliminate the 
>> residual tattooing.
> We had something related.  In our case it was a disk which used to be 
> part of an LVM volume, but which we later separated and put as a stand 
> alone disk.  It works fine in normal use but would mess up anaconda when 
> we tried to update it.  I did quite a bit of debugging when we moved 
> from FC3 > FC4 but never got round to bugzillaing it.  I'm going to do 
> the FC4 > FC5 move on it in the next few days and will write it up 
> properly this time if the problem persists.
> Simon.

Did you try running pvremove ? pvremove wipre the label on a device so 
that LVM no longer recognises it as a physical volume.

Otherwise a dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda size=512 count=1 should fix it 
by getting rid of the MBR and partition table.


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