removing suspend button

Boris Glawe boris at
Thu Apr 6 10:00:19 UTC 2006


how can I remove the suspend button in the gnome/kde/xfce menu for all 

I have added SystemMenu=false in /etc/gdm/custom.conf. As expected, all 
reboot/poweroff options are not displayed any more. I have also removed 
any links pointing to /sbin/poweroff, ... and made a chmod 700 
/sbin/halt ...

If it's not possible to remove this button: How can I find out, which 
command is actually being executed when pressing this button? Maybe I 
can replace it with a wrapper script.

Resuming actually doesn't work for us and we don't want our users to 
suspend the machine, as we use to administrate them remotely

thanks and greets


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