FC5 segfault

Jerry W. Whitmire jerryw4386 at netscape.net
Thu Apr 6 16:23:43 UTC 2006

Thanks  J.K. that fixed the segfault problem. I was not using bluetooth.

Boy of i could fix my dsl modem  that fast i would be a happy camper !
This thing with my dsl has been with me after i left redhat9 it work at redhat9 and FC3 TEST 3 with no problem. FROM THERE the other OS would not config it right, it set it up at and that is what windows,redhat9,fc3 test3 ran it at with no problem.
On linux fc core it will not connect to internet at all,but if i set to and unckeck automatically obtain dns information from provider it works but super slow. Mabey i will get it fixed in the long run tho.
THANKS again.

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