dual booting XP and Linux

Stephen Esquibel s.esquibel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 19:18:14 UTC 2006

I had no issues whatsoever.  although I am using 2 hard drives each
separately bootable.  I just choose to boot to hdb (fc5), where I can choose
to pass the buck onto hda (xp).

On 4/6/06, Mike McCarty <Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
> > On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 12:25 -0500, Mike McCarty wrote:
> >
> >>I found it easier to let the WinXP boot manager chain load GRUB
> >>than the other way 'round. MicroSoft products like to be in
> >>charge. While GRUB+Linux is not a good match, it is a reasonable
> >>match, and works pretty well, whereas GRUB+WinXP is a poor match,
> >>and the WinXP boot manager is a pretty reasonable tool. Once GRUB
> >>is in memory, it's just GRUB, however it got there, and can load
> >>Linux just fine.
> >
> > ----
> > it really doesn't much matter - generally, it's whatever is more
> > comfortable for the user but the user is likely to get more and better
> > help using grub on this list than the Windows bootloader.
> Personally, I am more comfortable with GRUB than I am with the WinXP
> boot manager. But I had more troubles getting WinXP convinced to boot
> under the control of GRUB than I had getting GRUB convinced to boot
> under the control of WinXP boot manager.
> > In general, I have found dual-booting a waste of time and energy and can
> > only see the point of it on laptops...for people not wanting to give up
> > the Windows option.
> I wasn't recommending dual-boot systems. In general, I agree that
> they are more trouble than they are worth. I was trying to answer
> the question as asked. My system is dual boot because I was asked
> by a fellow who was willing to pay me money to make it happen.
> Mike
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