[OT] OSI Vs Food on the Table?

Ali Helmy alihelmy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 01:24:04 UTC 2006

Hey mates,

I know this may be a little bit off-topic, but since I am just getting into
the world of Open Source Software (OSS) and after many, many hours of
reading different licenses listed on the Open Source Initiative (OSI), I
have really two questions to ask:

A) How DO you pick which license to use for your software... I mean they all
seem very close to each other, so personally, I'd rather use the Sun PL, or
the Mozilla PL, or the GNU General PL... but... what should make me decide?

B) For those companies backing-up the OSI and distributing code under the
public licenses... How does that work for a Software Company? I mean if I
develop Software that I would like to share the Source Code with the rest of
the world with so that they can understand it, learn from it, and tell me if
there is something wrong, but still have to buy the software from me, and
not just copy+compile it into their own apps, how does that work? I mean, I
DO like the OSI, but even though that might make me popular with the lads,
it won't provide food on my table...

Just a thought...

     A. Helmy
  One Life... LIVE It
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