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Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Fri Apr 7 21:00:15 UTC 2006


> > That is not exactly what I said. At least that is not I meant. If this
> > Fedora Project Board is supposed to represent the community then
> > comments generally designed to share a comment about what the Fedora
> > Project is doing could be found on a list for that purpose not scattered
> > over multiple lists among people who want to know how to double boot Win
> > XP  with Fedora.

I already answered you off list since you replied to me off list but
here we go again. It is not required that you respond here but since the
announcement was made here and someone else said that there wouldnt be
anyone from the board willing to see and respond to the comments, I
offered to summarize the discussions to the board from this particular
thread or provide a link to the thread for them. Many of the board
members are also subscribed to this list and can read and respond if
require. In the longer term, we will have a separate board list with
open archives, meetings mins etc to keep everyone informed on the
discussions and decisions being made.

> > 
> > If the Fedora Project Board decides to make a decision there should be a
> > list where this decision is announced and could be commented on. Maybe
> > fedora-announce is the list that should be used. 

Yes. Weekly meetings for the various sub projects are always posted on
the wiki


There is also fedoranews.org weekly reports and Red Hat magazine
includes the same as fedora status reports for you all to be able to
follow the updates as required.

> > I am sorry but as it stands now the community becomes aware of important
> > decisions and when we comment on the Fedora-list it gets lost in the
> > noise of the list which has to cover questions on everything from FC1->
> > FC5. And we get one of two responses from you:
> > 1. That is the way it is and you have to live with it.

I never said that.

> > 2. If you were interested you should have been reading fedora-x list
> > where fedora-x list varyies with the topic.

Thats one way to read about information in detail but as I have pointed
out earlier there are other means too.

> > 
> > Look if the Fedora Board wants make decisions we can't stop them but if
> > they are representing us the Fedora Community then we should know of the
> > upcoming decision before it is made and be able to make comments and
> > have our comments taken in to account.

All of the comments that you want to make can be made on the fedora-
devel list. 

> > 
> > As I told you before you have been turned into a Fedora Project
> > apologist which is a wast of your time.

On every occasion that I take my own time to respond to people here on
the list, I get comments like this.  If you feel that I am just an
apologist, then we arent having a level headed discussion at all.

>  We are all busy, but if you want
> > our opinion ask for it and listen to the answers.

2:28 AM on a friday night and I am spending my own time answering you.
That should tell you something about my interest in listening to you

> > Currently that is not
> > what you are doing.

We differ on that opinion. If you have any solutions to offer, I am


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