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On Sun, 9 Apr 2006, nicola .:kOoLiNuS:. losito wrote:

> Il giorno sab, 08/04/2006 alle 16.46 -0400, Matthew Saltzman ha scritto:
>> On Sat, 8 Apr 2006, G. Vincent Castellano wrote:
>>> I start the network configuration GUI with 'sudo neat', with the 
>>> Devices tab selected, hit New.  Select Woreless connection, then hit 
>>> Forward.  In Select Wireless Device, only "Other Wireless Card" is 
>>> available.  With this selected, I hit Forward and get the dialog 
>>> titled Select Ethernet Adapter.  The Adapter dropdown menu appears to 
>>> contain only wired ethernet devices (including NE2000).
>>> If I back up to the Select Device Type screen and select Ethernet 
>>> Connection, hen go forward, the 2200BG is available in the list of 
>>> devices to select, but the dialog doesn't give me a chance to enter 
>>> the network params.
>> First:
>> More advanced:
>> NetworkManager:
> G.Vincent has described the _exact_ thing that happens to me with the
> Intel 2100 mini-PCI wireless nic of my Acer TM803LMi laptop.
> I've also visited the steps but all i've got it's a
> "connection led" on "yes" on my modem/router, a ping between the laptop
> and the modem/router and _nothing_ more.
> I have a static IP address policy and tried to set it on the wireless
> nic with the help of system-config-manager.
> Maybe we should write a policy, a list of task to follow to get NM to
> work.
> In the meantime, if one doesn't need WPA encryption maybe can try
> wlanassistant or NetGo (this last one used with success on a SUSE box).

You might wnat to take this discussion to networkmanager-list at 
(visit to subscribe).  They are generally pretty helpful 
and responsive there.

My T41 works pretty reliably with the latest kernel, NM, wpa_supplicant, 
and the 1.1.2 ipw2200 driver described in fc2-ipw2200 article above, 
except I occasionally need to restart NM after a resume.  (I'm not using 
WPA, though.)

The key to getting it set up initially was to get the firmware RPM from 
Livna, then delete all network devices in system-config-network, then 
reboot.  Then you can recreate the wireless interface as wireless.  (If 
you run the 1.1.2 driver, you need firmware version 3.0.  I have an RPM 
that contains it that I can send on request.)

The other important thing is to get initscripts-8.31.2-1, which is 
currently in updates-testing.  That fixes the problem with interfaces 
swapping names between boots.

> thanks

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